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We power business applications for companies of all shapes and sizes by providing a wide range of Messaging and Computer Integrated Telephony (CTI) functions. Our products include fax to email / email to fax, voice to email, email to SMS as well as other voice and call centre services.

Provided as a web service, U2 Webservices streamline business telecommunications for a more efficiently run operation. We undertake all provisioning, including the requisite tools for account administration and billing.

Our products are ideal for:
Unified Messaging Providers
Internet Service Providers
ASP and Managed Services Providers
Application Developers
Value Added Resellers

No capital expenditure is required
Our products eliminate 'low level' software development costs
Enables a reduction in application development costs
We guaranteed service levels and ongoing support

Data transport and functionality from our servers to applications can be
HTTP Post/Get
Email Body Transport
Web Console Interface
Web Form Posts
NET Web Services

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